Terms & Conditions

Article 1
1.1 Third parties who are under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs that try to enter the event can be refused entry without refund of the ticket price.
1.2 Minimum age is 16+, tickets that are bought without taking this age into account are non-refundable and can’t be exchanged.
1.3 At the risk of confiscation, a visitor may not bring, either for himself or another person, or have in his possession, glassware, plastic bottles, beverages, food, drugs, cans, fireworks, animals, weapons and/or dangerous objects (including but not limited to spray cans or CS gas) or use such items prior to or during an event. Confiscated items will not be returned and the purchase of a ticket also implies that you agree with this ban. Backpacks, handbags, etc. will be checked for the presence of private consumptions. Tickets are non-refundable if third parties get caught with any of (and not limited to) these objects above.

Article 2
1.1 Your ticket purchase is only valid for 1 entry on the specific date that is written on the ticket you bought, otherwise indicated by the organizer.
1.2 Copying your access proof, whether it is a ticket, mark, bracelet or any that has to do with getting access on the event is absolutely forbidden, third parties who got caught will be prosecuted.
1.3 Tickets are non-refundable and can’t be exchanged for a different event.
1.4 Admission tickets are and remain the property of the Dubtrip Events company.
1.5 Access is given only to the first holder of the admission ticket scanned at the entrance of the event. The visitor must take responsibility for ensuring that he is and remains the holder of the admission ticket issued by the Dubtrip Events company or by an advance sales address that it has engaged.

Article 3
1.1 All person-related data from our files conform to the regulations of the law (95/46/EG) concerning the protection of privacy. Personal data, which Dubtrip Events possibly receive when purchasing the ticket can be used promotional purposes.
1.2 The holder of a ticket certifies upon receipt of the access ticket agrees that he can be filmed or photographed during the event. This material can be used by the organizer to implement promotion for the event.

Article 4
1.1 Cancellation of one or more DJs / events beyond the control of the organization shall not give rise to refund any ticket.
1.2 If the organization is forced to change the program, date, time table or anything else that has influence on the event planning caused by third parties or natural causes including but not limited to climatic conditions, terrorist acts or the anticipation thereof, fire, disease or epidemic, flood, riot or public disorder, substantial interruption in or substantial delay to or failure of any facilities or venue’s, ticket remains valid but it will be neither exchanged or refundable .

Article 5
1.1 Recording the event in a professional and/or commercial form, including photographing, filming, making sound and/or image recordings, as well as reprinting and/or copying from posters and other printed materials is not permitted without the express, prior and written consent of the Dubtrip Events company. You may request permission trough the website www.DubtripEvents.com or Info@DubtripEvents.com.
1.2 Third parties are not allowed to make any type of advertising or any other kind of publicity relating to the event or any part of it on the event without permission of the organizer.

Article 6
1.1 Third parties that enter an event, which may include any shuttle buses that are used to transport visitors to the event’s entry point, attend the event at their own risk. In this regard, the Dubtrip Events company cannot be held liable, unless there is a case of gross misconduct and/or willful misconduct by the Dubtrip Events company or its management.
1.2 Third parties is expressly aware that loud music will be played during the Event. The Dubtrip Events company advises everyone to occasionally give their hearing rest during the event by going to an area where little or no music is being played and to wear ear protection at all times.
1.3 Climbing on stages, barriers, gates or scaffolding is prohibited. The breach of any of these conditions may lead to the sanction of removal from the event venue without any refund of the ticket.

Article 7
1.1 The general conditions called above including article 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 are applicable to all tickets and thus integral part of all contracts for the sale, donation, and delivery for events, where and at any location to hold or held.
1.2 If third parties does not comply with his obligations as reflected in the preceding paragraphs of the articles written above and/or cannot guarantee them, third parties will forfeit to the Dubtrip Events company an immediately payable penalty of € 1000,- per violation and € 200,- for each day that the violation has continued or continues, without prejudice to the Dubtrip Event company’s additional right to demand compliance from the visitor and/or compensation of loss suffered or to be suffered.